Wise Rainbow

To Express... Art is one of the greatest gifts.

Time stood still, the way it did before. It’s like I’m sleepwalking!

—Bring Me the Horizon

The cover-art for the album “Dingir” by Rings of Saturn….. One of the best cover-art pieces I’ve seen. So damn brutal! Cx

The cover-art for the album “Dingir” by Rings of Saturn….. One of the best cover-art pieces I’ve seen. So damn brutal! Cx

"Wait and Whistle" by Julsy. She is such an amazing artist and an inspiration to me. <3 C,=

I caught my girlfriend pooping so I broke up with her. She said she’s off to pee while we’re watching a movie, now she’s been gone 5 minutes and I knew something was up, I knocked on the door and asked if everything is okay, she said yes she’ll be right out…her voice was labored and I became suspicious…so I yelled “I’M COMING IN!’ she screamed no but there was no stopping this, I smashed through the door and I see her sitting on the toilet seat, I told her to get the fuck up, she didn’t so I threw her off, I looked inside the toilet… Just as I suspected, a goddamn log, bitch you better pray this isn’t yours. I looked around and saw no pet in site, I KNOW THIS IS YOUR POOP U WHORE, she screamed at me that I’m crazy and that shes calling the cops, all the while toilet paper in her hands. I told her no need to call the cops, I’m breaking up with u u some kinda poop whore. and that was that. I feel like a new man and off to find a woman who doesn’t poop.

—A post I found online

I just love these. They&#8217;re so damn cute. c,:

I just love these. They’re so damn cute. c,:

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

The documentary film, “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” is such an inspirational film. Daniel Johnston, an artist known for his creativity and art-work, is an amazing guy with a great story. He is known for his album, “Hi, How Are You?” watch this film, you won’t regret it, you can learn a lot from it and you’ll fall deep into it, almost like it was made up, only that it’s real, the life of Daniel Johnston…. C:

Something in her eyes
Must be the smoke from my lungs


Gregory and the Hawk

Gregory and the Hawk is such an amazing artist. I love her music, it’s so beautiful. BLOWN AWAY is all I can say. Check her out. C:

Gregory and the Hawk covers the song, “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. It’s truly a wonderful cover. C,: so unique with her own version of it. n.n

You never know. CX

You never know. CX